For an eXcellent color quality, please prevent your body against contact with the sun or the solarium if possible.

Please cream your body twice a day the week before your tattoo appointment.

Sleep well two days before and take no harmful substances, such as. Alcohol.

Please eat well (also something sweet) and drink plenty of water on the day of your appointment.

If it’s your first tattoo, come relax and don’t be stressed.

I will prepare everything in order for you to have a relaxed tattoo session.

After one hour (wash your hands very well for the first time), remove the foil (do not reuse the foil afterwards).
Use plain paper towels with warm tap water to clean your tattoo.
All paint residues should be removed as much as possible during this process.
Cream ONLY two to three times a day with a special tattoo cream (never use oil, Nivea, body lotion, milking grease or vaseline).

Massage the specific area with each application of the cream for 20 to 30 seconds. You should take care of your tattoo for at least 10 days. The tattoo should always be kept moisturised with the cream. We want to avoid that a crust arises.
You can shower after tattooing immediately. The only thing you have to consider: no shower gel on the fresh tattoo.

The first three days are the most important for the care of your tattoo. Beware of dust, pets (direct contact), wool sweaters.
Generally don’t get in contact with things that could irritate your tattoo.
Avoid sun, solarium and sauna at least a month after tattooing.

If you still have questions, we are of course available by phone, or just visit our shop to get personal advice.

The tattoos should look as realistic as possible (as it would be a photo).

That means the photo is also our template in this case.

Whether a portrait, flowers, animals, landscape or whatever you can a photo of, can be converted into a realistic tattoo.

You have a tattoo which you don’t like? You decided for another motif? You simply want a change?

Visit my shop and get information about our professional tattoo removal service.

We do tattoo removals as well as tattoo cover-ups – in any case, we will find a suitable solution for your tattoo in order to satisfy yourself!




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