Before tattooing

For an excellent color quality, please dont get in touch with the sun or solarium if possible.

One week before your scheduled appointment use twice a day body lotion on the part you want to get your tattoo.

Use ordinary body lotion.

Two days before, sleep well and dont take any harmful substances, such like Alcohol.

On the day of your appointment at least one hour before eat very well (something sweet) and drink plenty of water.

Should it be your first tattoo, come relaxed and without excitement.

Each tattoo has a certain degree of pain, but be sure:

We’ll manage it together.

After tattooing

After an hour (at first wash your hands very good) remove the foil (afterwards dont reapply foil again).

Use ordinary kitchen roll (Zewa) with lukewarm tap water to clean your tattoo.

All paint residues should be removed as much as possible during this process.

Two to three times a day cream your fresh tattoo, ONLY with Easy Tattoo Cream (see bottom) lotion (Use under no circumstances oil, Nivea, Body Lotion, Melk Fat or Vaseline). Tattoo cream (small)

In each application of the cream 20 to 30 seconds massaging.  You should maintain your tattoo at least 10 days. The tattoo should always be kept moist with cream. We want to prevent a crust forms.

You can showers afterwords immediately. The only thing you must remember: no shower gel onto the fresh tattoo.

The first three days are the most important for the care of your tattoo. Beware of dust, pets (direct contact), wool sweater.

Generally do not get in touch with things that may irritate your tattoo.

Avoid at least for one month after you made the tattoo sun, solarium and sauna.

In case you still have questions, we are of course available. You can call us, or just come over to have a  Personal consult.

Tattoo Salbe(small)

What is photo-realistic tattoo?

The tattoos will look as if you’ve photographed it, wich means realistic.

The main focus is on PHOTOS. This means the photo is in this case a template.

Whether portrait, flowers, animals, scenery or whatever you can  photograph, can be transformed in a realistic tattoo.